About Me

My training focuses on weight loss, strength gain, athletic performance, general fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle changes. Running is my specialty.

After a childhood filled with athletics and an array of coaches, I decided in college to farther my knowledge in the areas of life I was always so passionate about. I graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia with a BS in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology specializing in performance, training, the benefits of positive psychological training, and nutrition.

Three Ways to be Trained

You get to decide if you’d like individual, group, or online training, all of which can be done with either of my training programs.
One-on-one sessions with workouts based around your goals and where you are currently physically. These one hour sessions include a warmup, workout, warm down, and discussion on how to continue the progess outside of training sessions to meet your goals. Great for the individual who wants/needs a little more personalized attention.
One hour sessions with you and 3 of your friends. These workouts are based around the group’s goals and current ability. These groups meet twice a week and receive 3 short supplemental workouts to do throughout the week. Great for the individuals who like a little social time throughout their workout and feel more pushed when their friends are doing the workout alongside them.
If you already know your way around the workout/fitness world and just need the direction and accountability of a coach or are not located within reasonable driving distance, online training could be best for you! Training includes weekly plans with workouts based around your individual goals and accountability communication. Great for the motivated individual, those with a busy or changing schedule, and those outside of driving distance.

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